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Kid gets out of bed to sleep with his dog

Little hedgehog camper 🦔

Show HN: A Genetic Algorithm library written in JavaScript

Show HN: Tweek – Super Fast To-Do Weekly Calendar App

Show HN: Shellcaster, a terminal-based podcast manager in Rust

He yapp he snapp but most importantly he tapp bacc.

Ape Sees A Magic Trick

"Feed me right meeeeeeeeeeeeeow! I'm hungry!"

Bess is back for another birthday! Happy 13th to my sweet girl 😉

Beautiful horse

I have been wanting to share but get anxiety about posting. Today I thought “what the hell?” So here’s my 12 year old beautiful girl Squishy. I love her so much and just wanted to share her with you all.

German Shepard/Golden retriever mix!

Cute dog inspecting a cute bird

Love my girls

Little poncho

Grandma reacts to getting a cat for Christmas.

"My life got flipped-turned upside down..."

Oh no! Someone spilled their puppies.

My sister works at Starbucks and Stinkerbell comes through the drive thru on occasion

A moth got into the bathroom, so a hunting party was formed

Finally their training is complete

Doggo wants to join in

Adorable Otter

Little and large

That moment when your two puppies who never stop playing get tired enough to finally nap together for the first time, AND you manage to capture the first cuddle on video. I’ll be rewatching this clip forever!

Not a puppy or a kitten, but Asteria is still adorable and has made some amazing progress in a month and a half!

Show HN: New PHP router wich is up to 20 times faster then Aura Router

Dog celebrates getting a treat

According to her human, "When she’s hungry, this is how she lets you know. Very intimidating."

Show HN: bsv – maximum performance data processing

Show HN: I'm 15 and made a bedtime calculator with React JavaScript

"Quote of the Day: “Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth.” -..."

whoever is scrolling, here’s my birb to cheer you up :D

My wife and I adopted a baby and wondered if he’d get along with our buddy Eddie. I guess we have our answer.

My mom puts their puppy in her apron pocket when she preps dinner and I’m not sure who enjoys it more

I don't have any pets about this cute little beaker in our lab?

Just Pinned to minouette: Miniature Burrowing Owl Linocut - Tiny...

My dad hasn’t had a pet to call his own for more than a decade. I surprised him with his own kitten and I haven’t seen him this happy in years.

Too wholesome ❤️😭

Show HN: Scraping 2.5 million songs metadata from Jango Radio

🎼”She works hard for the money”

Sell me this kitten. SOLD!

Workers from cleaning company dress up as superheroes to cheer up patients at children’s hospital

So happy!

Tiny Beds for a Tiny Hamster

Snoopy would approve

Show HN: easily remove faces from photos before sharing

Show HN: The cheapest investment platforms in the UK

Show HN: SOTA semantic segmentation with MobileNetV3, in 3 lines of PyTorch code

She is too cute

Show HN: NeuralCam Live – Using ML to Turn iPhones into Smart Webcams

Show HN: Ssgo, a Deno minimalist static site generator

It's not always easy to recreate pictures...

My friend made a quarantine-buddy over the past few months. Reddit, meet Dotty!

"Quote of the Day: “Only the educated are free.” - Epictetus"

My squinty, wiggly, tipsy girl! I feel so special that she still puts in the effort to come see me every day when I get home💕

Helper dog meets Donald Duck

The difference a few months can make.

My dogs reaction when he finally saw me after 7 months of being away.

Look at those ears

Unfinished cat

Banana stuffing

Ball Catcher

Credit: /James Elmore/ Context: Kate yelled out in the store "Daddy I have a twin !!" The world could learn from kids.