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My Girl

Show HN: CSSKatas – A better way to sharpen your CSS skills

Tiny little inch worm is determined to make it across a gap

These two cuties have been visiting me for a few months and today I finally caught them having a cuddle

"Quote of the Day: “Words are but pictures of our thoughts.” - John Dryden"

Just Pinned to Web Pixer: via /r/aww...

Just Pinned to Web Pixer: via /r/aww...

Just Pinned to Web Pixer: Show HN: Program Greppy a 2-wheeled...

Squirrel is living the best life.

We had SO much fun! Being a dad has been a blast! Now she’s 20 and in college. Time flies! Enjoy the ride!

He finally got to see color!

My 16 y/o(special needs)son made dinner for the family and he was so proud , as were we!

This is Nacho. He likes to snuggle his teddybear when he’s sleepy. ❤️

Warning: extreme puppy head tilts

My grandparents have been together for half a century, and today they got remarried! Love you abuelita y abuelito!

A normal day at the pool... RELAX

Show HN: Program “Greppy”, a 2-wheeled robot, using a new robotics language

Tri boop

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Best friends haven’t seen each other in 3 months!

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"Quote of the Day: “There are glimpses of heaven to us in every act, or thought, or word, that..."

Doctor Adorable will see you now.

Just Pinned to Web Pixer: via /r/aww...

Just Pinned to Web Pixer: via /r/aww...

Just Pinned to Web Pixer: via /r/aww...

Just Pinned to Web Pixer: Just Pinned to minouette: Alberta Big...

Just Pinned to Web Pixer: via /r/aww...

Just Pinned to Web Pixer: Show HN: Android OCR-Keyboard...

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I'm one with the rainbow of light.

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Every night my daughter and I look at r/aww before bed for a little positivity. Last night she asked me to post our good boy. Reddit meet Maximo or Max for short.

So there’s an albino raccoon that lives the woods behind my house

This seal has reached peak level of chill

Really cute bunny

Just Pinned to minouette: Alberta Big Horn Sheep and Wild Rose...

One year ago, I adopted my best furiend

Show HN: Android OCR-Keyboard

This is the life!

Show HN: The Importance of Logging – Introducing Logality

My Friend’s Kittens

Show HN: Trading Stocks from the Command Line

"Quote of the Day: “Doubt is the father of invention.” - Ambrose Bierce"

A curious baby deer wanted to meet my dog today

Make way for the King

Just picked her up yesterday... instant best friends

Pongo the 12 week Dalmatian puppy

Show HN: PHONK, JavaScript scripting for Android devices

Show HN: Chrome Extension that lets you start WhatsApp Web chat in a click

I see you!

Show HN: Search All Shopify Stores

Slap, slap, slap, bite

I envy this dog

This little furball ran away from anyone that approached it, apart from me. Got this pic and then fed and watered them. Then lured them away from everyone to the fields. No need for people to shoot these beauty’s in my eyes. Just another life trying to live

This is how a mix of a German Shepherd and Golden Retriever looks! She took all the best from her parents.

Everyone dressed as a villain at a comic con got together to give this little hero a perfect photo

Hope this brightens up your day

accidentally woke him up while taking this picture


Show HN: is a real unit testing framework for Bash

Show HN: Cloud Native Web Development – I self-published my first book

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