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Goodest slam dunk boi

"Quote of the Day: “Everything’s got a moral, if only you can find it.” - Lewis..."

Hospitals Dressed Leap Day Babies As Frogs, And It’s Absolutely Adorable

4 month old Leopold seeing his mother for the first time. I can't cope

Cat in the sink

He's so happy

Who wore it better?

First trip to the beach

This beautiful girl is almost 14. She's missing a lot of teeth so her tongue sticks out a lot.

Pup knows the most important view :)

This is my husband showing his bearded dragon videos of other bearded dragons

This is so wholesome

Kiwi got a girlfriend

Otter juggling his stone.

Little Archie taking her nap

"I just met you and I love you."

The betrayal in his eyes when he realizes I moved the french fries out of his reach

This is my Bubby. He's ridiculous.

These baby puppies were born the day before the baby human

Gotta wash, wash it all!

Friendly artic moo-moo

Stepson changes his last name to match his stepdad- tears start flowing!

My baby sister meeting her cat for the first time

"Quote of the Day: “You grow up the day you have the first real laugh at yourself.” -..."

Meet Toffee! First visit to the vet

The way these dogs arrange themselves to sleep with the cat

14 weeks and Roxy is over 30 pounds and such a good girl.

Watch the size of her pupils get larger as my hand gets closer to her

All this baby donkey wants to do is cuddle

Happiness is different for everyone 🐶

Oh lawd he comin'

The Fisherman's friend

💖💕 He's beautiful the way he is 💕💖

Man gets adoption papers for the son he has been raising

Look am a bunny

no comments

This aquarium setup with 24/7 live soccer

Cute baby fluffer

Kitty's first snow.


I otterly adore you

Happy pupper runs straight into whatever you hold up

Just my cat thinking about life

Big brother cuddles and sings to his little adoring sister

"Quote of the Day: “You can never plan the future by the past.” - Edmund Burke"

When adults finally act like adults, children always win

Baby goat with sweater.

Couldn't find my girlfriend at our family sunday funday dinner, checked mom's room and found this...

This made my day

She's a shy baby

I saw this and it really touched my heart. These are the first beautiful moments between a man and his newly adopted dog. 🥰 💓

A long fun day in down town NY

Teen uses braille promposal for his girlfriend who is blind.❤️(X POST r/humansbeingbros)