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Brushy brushy

The Best Wedding ♥️

“Boop to activate tail wig”

Corgi in the snow

Kid does a dress reveal in front of a Disney princess.

new to reddit: thought I’d share my friend MARVIN

Little pony zoomin back and again

Here’s my pup seeing snow for the first time

Drove my two Goldens from Cali to Georgia for Thanksgiving to be with my parents' four Goldens

0-60 in 0.5 seconds

Cat caught mid flight

Hopefully this belongs on this sub. This is my dog, who follows me EVERYWHERE like this. If he ends up in front of me, he’ll move to the side and let me pass so he can tuck in. He’s my best bud.

my dog has ticklish feet apparently

True master of assassination

Calgary Zoo has two new Pallas cat sisters named Nox and Pema

Office pup busy getting pets from everyone in the office

Prison break

My 2 adopted (non-related) kitties really like each other.

This Flower’s Petals Look Like Hummingbirds

And here we have an adorable cat angry at a watermelon

A dog hoarder in our city had 72 dogs seized, and the healthy ones were put up for adoption. I waited at the Humane Society for 6 hours in the cold before they opened to get our baby girl. reddit, meet Cleo!


Meanwhile in Japan... 🙇🦌

Deer and Rabbit Meeting

Might be our final Christmas with this little one. I appreciate these cuddles more than ever.

Hyenas: exist for hundreds of thousands of years to become ferocious carnivores at the top of the food chain. Also hyenas:

“Umm honey, I'll be late today. I’m stuck in traffic.”

This is Lucy. She’s 15 years old and doesn’t do much anymore but I love this precious angel ☺️

A stray cat recently gave birth to kittens at my parents’ house. This little dude hid under a table when we brought him inside.

I'm an elephant now

Such cuties

Just chillin on a long weekend

A really cute Sable... I mean, soooo cute.

Someone doesn't want to sleep

This crocheted baby Yoda!

I think my new pup is fitting in quite well.

😁 hello, I’m your Uber driver.

Just woke up and I'm ready for dinner!

Cat who lost its kittens is given a stray

15 years ago the day after Thanksgiving I brought this old man home, he has been with me through college, marriage, two kids, divorce and now engagement, he has slowed down, he can’t see much and doesn’t hear well but he still chases his tail daily and is happy as ever.

He is just chilling there...

We've adopted a fluffy potato. Reddit, meet Anchan

Thanksgiving dinner with my boys

Old dog wants to help getting the newspaper

Her boyfriend said that he wasn’t a Cat person, but this was their first day together.

Almost 18 years old and still sleeping with the toy frog she's had for 14 years

I wanted a cat, my wife wanted a dog so we compromised and got a dog.

So my 8 week old pup fell asleep to me singing to him, and his mouth fell open. My heart melted.

Mother raccoon pulling her kid up a wall while her other two hold her steady.

Old lady and her dog